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February 12, 2024

Dakea and Chloe celebrated their wedding at the beautiful Farm & Co in October 2023. It was a picturesque spring day, the sunflowers were in bloom and the grounds looked absolutely gorgeous. I love photographing weddings at Farm and Co. It is a day wedding venue, meaning that the ceremony is usually around midmorning and the reception is usually finished by 7pm. I have found lots of benefits to day weddings. Overall the wedding is usually super relaxed and couples can make sure they have their kids and elderly guests more involved.


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I had Farm and Co ask me some questions for their blog, so I thought I would add them to my blog post as they are great questions!

Here are my answers:

1.Top tips for natural looking photos?

Have fun! Be in the moment and try to enjoy the process. I try to direct my couples as little as possible and let them take the lead. I encourage lots of walking, smiling and laughing together. 

2. Considering Farm and Co’s unique timeline, was it a challenge to be shooting during the middle of the day? How did you overcome this?

Mid day sun can be a challenge, however the macadamia trees helped shade Dakea and Chloe which made it easier to expose them. The ceremony overall looked absolutely stunning.

We chose to wait until later in the afternoon as the sun was setting to do the bridal portraits. Chloe and Dakea loved the idea of being able to mingle with their guests and then head out to the field to take their portraits.

3. The best spots for bridal party photos at Farm and Co?

The sunflowers are such an iconic part of Farm and Co which I loved photographing Dakea and Chloe in. We also used some of the back field once the sun was setting with their bridal party

4. The best part about shooting at a venue like Farm and Co?

Day weddings are my absolute favourite, especially when the weather is beautiful. It has a very relaxing feel to the whole day as the guests get to enjoy the space and the sunshine

5. Your favourite part of the day to shoot?

My favourite part of the day to photograph is the ceremony and the bridal portraits. I love feeling the anticipation of the bride coming down the aisle. Seeing the groom get all emotional, some even cry. Hearing the beautiful vows and witnessing such an important moment in a couple’s lives. 

Bridal portraits are always a lot of fun! I enjoy taking the couple away from their guests so they can spend a moment together taking in that they are now husband and wife. I truly love my job.

6.Something couples may overlook when booking a photographer? Or your top tip for choosing a photographer?

My top tips are to find some inspiration and see what style of photography you like. Pinterest is always a great place to start or look on the venue’s social media and see what you think would reflect you the best. Every photographer has a unique way to capture the day. If it’s documentary, editorial, natural or even film. I would also take the time to have a chat with your photographer and see what their personality is like. I have a fly on the wall approach and keep the day very relaxed! 

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